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നല്ലത് മാത്രം കേള്‍ക്കുക. നല്ലത് മാത്രം പഠിക്കുക. നല്ലത് മാത്രം ശീലിക്കുക. നല്ല ജീവിതം നയിക്കുക.
എസ്.എസ്.എല്‍.സി പരീക്ഷ 2016 റിസള്‍റ്റ് : പരീക്ഷ എഴുതിയ 114 പേരില്‍ 110 പേര്‍ക്ക് വിജയം. 4 പേര്‍ക്ക് ഫുള്‍ എ പ്ലസ്.അഭിനന്ദനങ്ങള്‍.


                PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION 2015-16
President : SAHEER PK  9846786223
Vice-President :
Secretary : SAJID PK 9400466722
Treasurer :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
Exe. Member :
 Functions of the Association  
The following can be the functions of the association. 
1. To promote understanding and co-operation between parent and teachers for the welfare of children and youth. 
2. To work for the social, economic, cultural and educational advancement for better schools and better homes. 
3. To organize teaching of arts and crafts and arrange for cultural programmes, conferences, functions and seminars. 
4. To organize the study, teaching and to making the life of the community richer and happier. 
5. To help and develop in children respect and regard for elder and teachers, common institution, our traditions and culture, etc. 
6. To help parents assist the teachers in their work by taking a keen interest in 
the educational progress of their children and by periodical check up at home. To help in improving the physical facilities in the school. 
The associations shall elect from among its members, the necessary office bearers, like President, Treasure etc. But the Headmasters of the school shall always be its convener. It will be good to evolve a convention by which teachers are not elected office bearers of the Association. 

Bye Laws of school association
The Parent-T eacher Association of a school will frame and accept its Bye-laws consistent with this instrument of instructions. Such Bye-laws must be got approved by the Educational Officer in the control of the school. 
According to G.O(P) 169/84/G.Edn. dated 20 th August 1984 it was ordered that hence forth other than teachers of schools, .who do not have children studying in a particular school will be debarred
The Deputy Directors (Edn.), District Educational Officers, Assistant Educational Officers and heads of all schools in the State are hereby directed to constitute parents - T eachers Associations in Schools according to these rules, also.
1. Membership fee Rs. 1,3 and 5 may be realised from the guardians in L.P .S., U.P .S. and H.S. irrespectively at the time of admission of pupils.
2. The right to be a parent member of the General body should automatically be terminated, when that 
members ceases to be a guardian of any pupil on rolls, the right to be a teacher member ceases as and when the teacher is transferred from that school.
3. The vacancies if members of the Executive Committee may be filled up immediately by co-opting or electing members from the general body .
4. The term of office of the executive committee shall be one year .
5. The number of members of the committee should not in any way exceed 15
6. The income and expenditure of the Association shall be audited every year by a committee consist-
ing of two parent representative elected from the General Body .
7. The Head of all schools in the state will constitute the Parent-T eacherAssociation at school level by the 1st week of July itself of every academic year;
The controlling officer will see that all the above instructions scrupulously followed by the head of the school. At the time of visit or inspection of schools they will check this and make a note in their reports without fail. The receipt of this circular should be acknowledged.

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